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Flake Icemachine

Ice production:40~260Kg/24h

Storage capacity:15~55Kg

Five stage mechanical reducer, low noise, long life

Flake granular ice

Strength guarantee: 20 years of manufacturing experience, 

24-hour after-sales service

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Product Introduction

FM series flake ice machine is a new type of high quality flake ice making machine, integrating new European and American technology, according to the requirements of laboratory ice, professional design and manufacture.  The microcomputer controller shows as follows:  

- Ice full display  

- Lack of water display  

- Ice making motor fault display  

- The condensation temperature is too high  

- Refrigerant shortage display  

If a fault occurs during the operation of the machine, the corresponding alarm indicator light will flash, and the corresponding protection will be start until the machine is stopped.   

The microcomputer controller automatically controls and displays the entire ice making process. The ice making machine has reliable control, stable operation and convenient maintenance.  

Technical Parameters

Product Advantage

Ice out in 3 minutes

Ice out in 3 minutes

Automatic ice production within 3 minutes after startup



Large capacity ice storage, easy to take ice

Stainless steel body

Stainless steel body

304 stainless steel body, corrosion resistant and easy to clean

Air cooling heat dissipation

Air cooling heat dissipation

Strong air cooling, heat dissipation without pressure

Intelligent self-examination

Intelligent self-examination

Automatically detects the running status of the ice maker

The ice is full power

The ice is full power

Save water, worry and effort

Lack of water protection

Lack of water protection

Automatic protection safe rest assured

A key start-stop

A key start-stop

Intelligent control panel, one-button operation, easy to understand

Product Features

* Small ice shape, good ice bath effect, specially designed for the laboratory;  

* Multi-stage (five-stage) reducer design,the whole machine noise is low;  

* Small size, space saving, stainless steel shell, beautiful and practical;  

* High quality refrigeration ice making system, fast ice making, high efficiency and energy saving;  

* The control system adopts microcomputer board, the whole process monitoring, perfect protection;  

* The front is equipped with a power switch, easy to use;  

* Flake ice -- small granular ice, can penetrate into narrow gaps, fast cooling, ice bath effect is good, suitable for laboratory use;  

* Space-saving design -- compact structure, small dimensions, reduce laboratory space occupation;  

* Unique ice making system -- professionally designed freezing loop, control system and various mechanism components, efficient ice making, easy to use;  

* Design for power failure and water failure -- When the ice machine is running, even if there is a sudden power failure and water failure, it will not hurt.  

* When water and electricity are restored, the ice making machine will automatically resume making ice from the interrupted working state.  

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