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Spare parts

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Cryo Coil

The low-temperature coil has many forms and is the key component for capturing water vapor. 

It is generally installed in the vacuum chamber and uses the ultra-low temperature surface of 

the coil to capture and adsorb water vapor.

The common material of low-temperature coil is copper pipe, which is snake shaped, spiral 

shaped, or welded on the copper back plate. Coils of any shape can be customized according 

to user requirements.

Refrigerant Line.jpg

Refrigerant Line

The standard length is 3M, and the appropriate length can be prefabricated according to 

actual needs. It contains 2 copper pipes and external insulation tube. CPI or VCR connectors 

are used at both ends of the connecting pipe to connect the cryochiller or feedthrough.

If necessary, stainless steel bellows can be selected to replace copper pipe.



The standard feedthrough is the channel for refrigerant to enter and leave the vacuum 

chamber wall, and ensures the cooling capacity isolation and vacuum isolation. It can be 

divided into single tube in and out type and double tube in and out type.

For single tube in and out type, a through hole with a diameter of 1 inch is generally 

reserved in the vacuum chamber wall.

For double tube in and out type, a through hole with a diameter of 2 inches is generally 

reserved in the vacuum chamber wall.

Standard Coupling.jpg

Standard Coupling 

The feed and return of low-temperature refrigerant and the refrigeration port of the water 

vapor cryochiller need to match the low-temperature connecting tube and the feedthrough 

of the coating machine. The sealing performance under ultra-low temperature is very 


The standard Parker coupling can be directly compatible with the polycold model.

Optional flared refrigeration connector or VCR refrigeration coupling.

Thread Locking.jpg

Thread Locking

The improved copper nut combination can effectively prevent the refrigerant leakage of key 

components such as the refrigeration hand valve, solenoid valve, pressure gauge and sensor of 

the equipment due to the use of traditional nuts.

The patented refrigeration joint locking device can prevent refrigerant leakage caused by loose 

joint threads.

Remote Connector.png

Remote Connector

The main control functions (standby, cooling and defrosting) of the water vapor cryochiller are 

connected to the remote control of the coating machine. It can also send out 1 or 2 channels of 

temperature analog standard signals.

The standard 37 pins socket can be directly compatible with the polycold model.

Users can also use RS485 communication to realize remote control function.