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The important function of extending the service life of laser water chiller
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The laser chiller has a cooling unit which directs the cooling water to the process laser tube where heat exchange takes place to cool the laser to optimum temperature.  The heated coolant is piped back to the refrigeration unit where the absorbed heat is eliminated, thereby regenerating the cooling water for a new heat exchange cycle with the laser equipment.  

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Choosing high quality laser chiller can prolong the service life of laser engraving machine and improve the processing accuracy.  Here are some important features that can help you extend the life of your laser chiller:  

1、the water flow  

For medium power lasers, a constant flow of ambient cooling water to the laser head or cold plate is sufficient.  However, the circulating laser chiller is the most efficient cooling method for high power lasers.  

2. Built-in alarm  

Low/high temperature alarms prevent any damage to your laser engraver.  In addition, computer, visual and auditory alarms can signal failure.  Both the off and low flow alarm functions protect the laser and chiller from costly damage.  

3、 Digital display  

Digital temperature display provides constant updates so you can determine the temperature level of the machine.  However, if you are running a DIY laser cooling system, you can always install a thermometer.  

4、Observation window  

The water level of the laser chiller can be easily monitored through an observation window because the chiller has a fully enclosed system to prevent evaporation.  

5、Is the laser water chiller noisy? 

Check the rated decibel (dB) level in the manufacturer's specifications before buying.  After all, you probably don't want to deal with the extra noise of laser cooling equipment in your workshop. 

6、Easy mobility

If you often need to move your laser chiller, choose a chiller with casters for easy movement.  Lock the casters to keep the chiller stable during operation.  


The credibility of the laser chiller largely depends on the warranty, changliu instrument is a self-run brand, support one-year warranty, lifelong repair. 

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