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Industrial Chiller

Temperature range:8~25℃

Cooling capacity:10~50kW

Circulating flowrate:17~133L/min

Temperature stability:±0.2℃

Strength guarantee: 20 years of manufacturing experience, 

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Product Introduction

LX series industrial chillers, with large refrigerating capacity and precise temperature control, are high-efficiency and energy-saving high-precision constant temperature refrigeration equipment; In the production process, industrial processes generate heat through friction equipment or combustion. Industrial chiller cooling is used to remove heat directly from the equipment. Industrial chillers contribute to the life cycle of industrial components and keep products running.

Industrial chiller is a circulating water system with high precision, high lift, high flow and high cleanliness. It is an ideal supporting equipment for electron microscope, electron probe, sputtering instrument, vacuum furnace, coating machine, accelerator, etc.

Technical Parameters

 Mode   Temperature range
emperature stability
Cooling capacity
Filling volume
Circulating pressure
Circulating flowrate
Size of connection
Net weight
LX-10K 8~25 ±0.2 10 40 1.4~3.8 17~117 DN25 276 650×1180×1360
LX-15K 8~25 ±0.2 15 60 1.4~3.8 17~117 DN25 360 750×1350×1610
LX-20K 8~25 ±0.2 20 90 1.4~3.8 17~117 DN25 395 750×1350×1610
LX-30K 8~25 ±0.2 30 160 1.7~4.7 25~133 DN32 490 940×1960×1960
LX-40K 8~25 ±0.5 40 200 1.7~4.7 25~133 DN32 650 940×1955×1960
LX-50K 8~25 ±0.5 50 260 1.7~4.7 25~133 DN32 650 940×1960×1960

Product Advantage

Multi-parameter measurement and control

Multi-parameter measurement and control

Provide color touch screen for temperature, pressure, flow and conductivity measurement.

Large capacity,high precision

Large capacity,high precision

Cooling capacity of 10KW ~820KW, and the temperature control accuracy is up to ±0.15℃.

Main stainless steel material, clean pipe

Main stainless steel material, clean pipe

Controllable material to meet the water quality requirements of sophisticated equipment.

A variety of protection, one use one standby

A variety of protection, one use one standby

Scientific and effective protection measures to ensure the safety of the cooling equipment.

Product Features

* Large cooling capacity, complete series, from10kW to 100kW.Customizable on demand.

* Double window and double color digital display precision temperature controller, temperature control accuracy up to ±0.2℃.

* No paper recorder function, automatically save the measured value, historical data can be queried.

* Optional deionizing device and optional conductivity control to meet special water quality requirements.

* High voltage, low voltage, overload, water level, phase sequence and other protection, to ensure the safe operation of the machine.


* Applied to industrial production process -- plastic industry: accurate control of all kinds of plastic processing mold temperature, shorten the beer molding cycle, ensure the stability of product quality;

* Applied to industrial production process -- electronic industry: stabilize the molecular structure of electronic components in the production line, improve the qualified rate of electronic components;

* Applied in the ultrasonic cleaning industry, effectively prevent expensive cleaning agent volatilization and volatilization to the injury;

* Applied to industrial production process - machinery industry: control the oil pressure system pressure oil temperature, stable oil temperature and oil pressure, prolong the use of oil quality, improve mechanical lubrication;

* Applied to industrial production process -- electroplating industry: control electroplating temperature, increase the density and smoothness of plating parts, shorten electroplating cycle, improve production efficiency, improve product quality;

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