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Immersion Cooler

Temperature range: -40~-20℃

Cooling capacity:60~780W

Hose length:ф50×150mm

With its own temperature controller, it can be immersed in various baths

Strength guarantee: 20 years of manufacturing experience, 

24-hour after-sales service

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Product Introduction

EK series multi-function cooler adopts compressor refrigeration, the cooling coil is connected with the host through hose, it is portable and flexible, and put into various liquid tanks to complete low temperature liquid bath.  

High cooling efficiency, quick cooling, can replace tap water cooling, or replace dry ice use.  Compact volume, strong cooling ability, can be quickly for liquid cooling.  

The machine is equipped with temperature controller.  

Technical Parameters

 Model   Temperature range
Cooling capacity
Cooling capacity
Cooling capacity
Hose length
Cooling coil diameter
Power requirements
(V Hz kW)
Net weight
EK201 -20 300 140 -- ф50 1600 220/50/420 28 400×415×280
EK202 -20 800 400 -- ф50 1600 220/50/420 33 400×415×280
EK401 -40 320 180 60 ф75 1600 220/50/420 29 400×415×280
EK402 -40 780 360 140 ф75 1600 220 50 520 35 400×415×280

Product Advantage

Product Features

* The refrigeration hose is convenient, flexible and free to move;  

* Compact size of refrigeration coil, convenient to be inserted into a smaller container;  

* Dynamic constant temperature control system, fast response, small constant temperature fluctuation;  

* Key components of the refrigeration system, such as compressor and fan, are imported from international brands;  

* Refrigeration power can meet the cooling and constant temperature of small laboratory analytical instruments;  


* EK series adopts multi-function cooler and compressor refrigeration;  

* The cooling pipe is connected with the main engine through a hose;  

* Light and flexible, put into a variety of liquid tank, can complete low temperature liquid bath;  

* The machine comes with temperature controller;  

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