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Immersion Circulator

Temperature range: -50~100℃

Heat capacity:1000~1500W

Circulating flowrate:0~18L/min

Temperature stability:±0.1℃

Strength guarantee: 20 years of manufacturing experience, 

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Product Introduction

Beautiful appearance, compact size input heating constant temperature circulator, with heating, constant temperature, circulation function, can be used with any sink, bath volume up to 30 liters, used for bath heating control, if with refrigeration bath, the temperature can be controlled below room temperature.  Widely used in petroleum, chemical, pharmaceutical, biochemical, light industry, scientific research and other fields of water bath temperature control.  

Technical Parameters

 Model   Temperature range
Temperature stability
Circulating flowraet
Circulating pressure
Heat capacity
Immersion depth
Power requirement
(V Hz kW)
Net weight
A2 -50~100 ±0.1 10 0.18 1000 70~150 220/50/0.42 2.8 80×125×300
A3 -50~100 ±0.1 12 0.18 1500 70~190 220/50/0.52 3.1 80×125×340

Product Advantage

Product Features

* The measured temperature and set temperature are digital double window and double color display;  

* Microcomputer PID fuzzy control, with intelligent learning function, small temperature fluctuation;  

* The parts below the liquid level are all stainless steel materials, suitable for various working conditions;  

* Precise temperature control, display resolution can choose 0.1℃;  

* Universal reflux mixing, bath temperature uniform;  

* Flexible fixed mode, special requirements can be customized;  

* Can be matched with a variety of bath;  


* Precision temperature control, used in kitchen cooking equipment, heating soup, etc.  

* Application with a variety of circulation bath, auxiliary bath temperature control heating use;  

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