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Considerations when purchasing a constant temperature circulating water bath
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Laboratories need tools, equipment and supplies to function effectively.  Thermostatic circulating water bath is one of the laboratory necessities for incubating samples in water.  Most samples need to be kept at a constant temperature before or during the experiment, which is why you need to purchase a quality constant temperature circulating water bath.

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If you need to purchase a constant temperature circulating water bath, please choose the water bath that meets your needs.  Here are some things to consider when purchasing a thermostatic circulating water bath for your lab:


Look for water baths made of durable materials.  Like other equipment, a durable water bath may cost a little more, but it will serve your lab for years.


Anything can go wrong during incubation, so you should follow lab safety measures.  You also need to choose a water bath with safety features.

For example, you can buy a water bath with an alarm that goes off when any measures exceed a set condition.  When the temperature and water level exceed the standard, the constant temperature circulating water bath automatically alarm.


The optimal size of the bath depends on the number and volume of samples to be incubated.  Most laboratory water baths can hold 5 to 20 litres of samples, and can be customized if larger volumes are required.

4、the lid

A water bath without a lid could lead to inaccurate results because contaminants could interfere with the sample.  Therefore, you should purchase a water bath with a lid to prevent contamination.  The standard machine with constant temperature circulating water bath is equipped with a transparent cover, allowing you to monitor the progress of the experiment.  

5、Temperature range

Samples are usually incubated at a specific temperature for a successful experiment.  Therefore, you should choose a bath that is suitable for the temperature of your sample.

If you are unsure of the exact incubation temperature of the sample, please choose a water bath with a wider temperature range to avoid inconvenience.

In addition to temperature ranges, remember to check for temperature stability, uniformity, and accuracy.  You need a reliable water bath to avoid errors caused by temperature fluctuations.  According to your sample, the long flow instrument can help you choose the right temperature range of water bath.

Constant temperature circulating water bath slot ever-flowing instrument design research and development of scientific research personnel and the shell is made of cold rolled steel plate bending forming, the surface of the lacquer that bake, color white computer wrinkle, beautiful and easy, corrosion resistant, the tank adopts 304 stainless steel stamping, with low noise, continuous work, temperature uniformity, high precision, simple operation, and other functions.

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