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A small chiller provides cooling water for 6 reactors
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Project Introduction:

Fermentation engineering is an important part of biotechnology and an important link of biotechnology industrialization. Fermentation technology has a long history, as a modern scientific concept of microbial fermentation industry is based on the traditional fermentation technology, combined with modern genetic engineering, cell engineering and other new technology. Fermentation industry has become an important part of modern economy due to its characteristics of less investment, quick effect and less pollution. High temperature in the fermentation process will cause enzyme denaturation and death of microorganisms, resulting in reduced production. Therefore, the fermentator needs a chiller to maintain the optimum temperature.

In April 2022, a small chiller LX-300 was successfully installed and tested in the Institute of Hydrobiology, Chinese Academy of Sciences. A small water chiller can provide continuous cooling water for 6 reactors. The reactor produces a lot of heat in the fermentation process, which affects the normal fermentation. Small chillers can control the temperature of the reactor and provide cooling water for the reactor. Circulating refrigeration can control the reactor to work in the required temperature range and ensure the fermentation quality.

The following figure is the actual picture of field operation.

A small chiller provides cooling water for 6 reactors.png

Small chiller equipped with hermetically sealed refrigeration system, temperature range 5~35℃, temperature control precision ±0.1℃, cooling capacity can be automatically adjusted and controlled, so it can meet the requirements of high precision and high efficiency temperature control; Real-time measurement and display of cooling water flow is also a standard configuration of this model of machine. Real-time flow measurement further ensures the safe operation of user equipment.

Miniature chiller.jpg

At present, the application of large-scale, continuous and automatic control technology has expanded new space for the development of fermentation engineering. The rise of ecotype fermentation industry has opened up a new field of fermentation. In the development of science and technology, Coolium Instruments with the most advanced refrigeration technology, to customize the appropriate refrigeration equipment for customers. 

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