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Low-Temp Circulator

Temperature range:-60~-30℃

Cooling capacity:300~5000W

Circulating flowrate:10~28L/min

Temperature stability:±0.1

Strength guarantee: 20 years of manufacturing experience, 

24-hour after-sales service

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Product Introduction

DX series low-temperature circulator, or low-temperature bath, can carry out low-temperature constant temperature test in the open cold bath in the machine, or circulate the low-temperature liquid externally to cool or constant temperature other equipment. DX series adopts non start stop refrigeration technology, combined with PID fuzzy control, for fast refrigeration and precise temperature control.

Low temperature circulators are widely used in low temperature experiments, and can be equipped with rotary evaporators, fermentation tanks, low temperature chemical experiments, biopharmaceuticals, reaction kettles, etc.

DX series offers a variety of customized products.

Technical Parameters

Product Advantage

Operation panel

Operation panel

Display setting temperature and measuring temperature, button operation input temperature.

Recorded data

Recorded data

Connect to the upper computer through USB, run and record the temperature data and alarm situation.

Double groove double temperature

Double groove double temperature

This product can support double groove double temperature customization, a device can be two-way experiment.

Stainless steel volumetric tank

Stainless steel volumetric tank

The 304 stainless steel tank is resistant to low temperature and corrosion.

Product Features

* Vertical design, small footprint, easy to operate.

* Large tank opening, easy to carry out experiments in the tank.

* Fully enclosed air cooled compressor refrigeration.  With delay, overheat, overpower protection.

* Can choose different low temperature set value, automatic precision constant temperature.

* Dynamic temperature control system, small temperature fluctuation, uniform temperature in the tank.

* Temperature display value and set value, double window dual-color display, clear and intuitive.

* With software lock function, irrelevant personnel can not modify the control parameters.

* Ultra quiet circulation pump, cooling other equipment requiring low temperature.

* Stainless steel low temperature tank of various sizes, to meet a variety of low temperature applications.

* Standard stainless steel interface, can be equipped with a variety of sizes of hoses, external closed circuit circulation optional alarm interface, optional RS485 communication, easy to connect.


* Precise temperature control, the application of supporting calorimeter, refractometer, density detector;  

* Use with viscosity measurement, very convenient;  

* Provide a constant temperature source for quality control, for food, beverage and electronic research applications;  

* In the field of biotechnology, it is applied to the constant temperature cooling of electrophoresis tank;  

* Precision constant temperature for small rotary evaporators;  

* Applied to medical and psychological rehabilitation.

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