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Ultra Low-Temp Circulator

Temperature range:-80~-30℃

Cooling capacity:1800~3000W

Circulating flowrate:10~28L/min

Temperature stability:±0.1~±0.5℃

Strength guarantee: 20 years of manufacturing experience, 

24-hour after-sales service

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Product Introduction

Ultra-low temperature cycle machine, cooling capacity, cooling rapidly, it is mainly used for outward provide cryogenic cooling liquid, satisfy the need to maintain in low temperature under the condition of various technological requirements, suitable for all kinds of chemical, biological, physical experiment, and pharmaceuticals, reagent, food and scientific research institutes laboratory group form a complete set of equipment, as well as low temperature grinding tool, frozen processing cooling and low temperature testing machine.  

This machine has large cooling capacity, especially suitable for rapid cooling and low temperature reaction of reaction kettle under the condition of maintaining low temperature. It can be used with 20L, 50L and 100L reaction kettle, and the material in the reaction kettle can be cooled to -40℃, -60℃, -80℃ and -100℃.  

Technical Parameters

Product Advantage

Multi-parameter measurement and control

Multi-parameter measurement and control

Provide temperature, pressure, flow, conductivity and other options; Provide touch color screen version to store historical data。

Stainless steel sink

Stainless steel sink

304 stainless steel tank is used to resist low temperature and corrosion.

A variety of interfaces, a variety of joints

A variety of interfaces, a variety of joints

Standard thread interface, which can be connected to British or metric connectors at home and abroad; Meet the individual needs of different devices.

Stainless steel water separator, multi-channel cooling

Stainless steel water separator, multi-channel cooling

One machine with multiple functions can cool multiple user equipment; Reserved function expansion interface to meet the individual needs of different users.

Product Features

* Microcomputer control, PID technology, high temperature control precision, easy to operate, simple to use.  

* The core parts of the refrigeration system are all imported international brand parts to ensure the stable operation of the cooling system.   

* The use of fluorine-free environmental protection refrigerant, in line with international environmental standards.  

* Adopt overlapping and self-overlapping refrigeration technology, large cooling capacity and high refrigeration efficiency.  

* Low temperature special circulation pump, low temperature working conditions without leakage, no blocking phenomenon.  

* Closed circulation system, effectively prevent secondary refrigerant volatilization and pollution, saving resources.  

* The liquid storage tank and circulation pipeline are all made of stainless steel, with good corrosion resistance.   

* Host cooling mode air cooling, water cooling optional, adapt to different user conditions.  

* The machine has high and low pressure, oil pressure, leakage, overload, overheating and other safety protection functions.  

* The whole machine is stable and reliable, to meet the continuous production of process cold source demand.  

* Optional flow display and alarm, optional RS485 communication, easy to connect to the host computer.  


* Precise temperature control, the application of supporting calorimeter, refractometer, density detector;  

* Use with viscosity measurement, very convenient;  

Provide a constant temperature source for quality control, for food, beverage and electronic research applications;  

* In the field of biotechnology, it is applied to the constant temperature cooling of electrophoresis tank;  

* Precision constant temperature for small rotary evaporators;  

* Applied to medical and psychological rehabilitation.

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