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Cryo Trap

Minimum temperature:-135~-100℃

Internal capacity:6~25L

Internal dimension:Ф200×220 or Φ220×250mm

Special control circuit, optional RS485

Strength guarantee: 20 years of manufacturing experience, 

24-hour after-sales service

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Product Introduction

CT series ultra-low temperature cold trap, using automatic cascade refrigeration, is a small ultra-low temperature equipment.  Suitable for gas condensation and capture, low temperature liquid bath, oil and gas recovery, material testing, medicine freeze drying and other applications.  

It can be used as cryogenic tank, pre-freezing tank and cryogenic container.  

It can provide ultra low temperature conditions for all kinds of small systems.  

Technical Parameters

Product Advantage

Various models available

Various models available

Cold trap temperature -50、-80、-110、-135℃; Cold trap capacity 2、4、6、9、25 liters.

Applicable to high vacuum system

Applicable to high vacuum system

Vacuum cold trap, Cryogenic trap, Temperature stat cold trap.

Various anti-corrosion schemes

Various anti-corrosion schemes

Stainless steel, pure titanium, glass, Teflon coating.

A variety of ultra-low temperature solutions

A variety of ultra-low temperature solutions

Capture, condensation, separation, adsorption、purification,different solutions available.

Product Features

* Cold trap size and Port size can be customized as required.

* Can be customized vacuum sealed cold trap.

* Can be equipped with a variety of specifications of condensing bottles.

* Cold trap volume 4L, 6L, 9L, 25L.

* Minimum temperature -82, -100, -120, -135℃.

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