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Bio Company purchases 18 sets of precision chillers
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With the gradual release of China's demand for biomedical research and development, the investment in the biological industry is increasing, pharmaceutical research and development has become the focus of biological companies.

In nearly a decade, a biotechnology company has been using low-temperature thermostatic equipment of Coolium Instruments, the procurement of 18 sets precision chillers, used for supporting the bioreactor, in the process of fermentation to produce the heat will cause the fermented liquid fermentation temperature, affect the fermentation, fermentation tank during fermentation must therefore form a complete set of cooling device to control the temperature. The precision chiller can provide continuous cooling water for the fermentation tank, and the circulating water can control the normal operation of the fermentation tank within the standard temperature range to ensure the fermentation quality.

Bio Company purchases 18 sets of precision chillers.jpg

With the rapid growth of the pharmaceutical market, the biotech company decided to purchase the LX-1000 precision chiller again in bulk after expanding the production scale. The equipment adopts hermetically sealed refrigeration system, temperature range 5~35℃, temperature control precision ±0.1℃, cooling capacity can be automatically adjusted and controlled, so it can meet the requirements of high precision and high efficiency temperature control; In addition, the real-time measurement and display of cooling water flow is also the standard configuration of this type of machine. The real-time measurement of flow further ensures the safe operation of user equipment. On January 8, 2022, Coolium Instrument technicians arrived at the site for installation test. This is the site installation picture:

precision chiller.jpg

Main parameters of LX-1000 precision chiller:

* Temperature range: 5~35℃

* Temperature stability: ±0.1℃

* Cooling capacity: 1000W@20℃

* Water tank volume: 8L

* Circulating pressure: 0 ~ 3.7bar

* Circulating flow: 0 ~ 28L/min

* Connection size: 1/2 "NPT

* Power supply requirements: AC220V/50Hz/16A

* Overall dimensions: W345×D620×H600mm

* Net weight: 56kg

LX series precision chiller using non-stop refrigeration technology, combined with PID temperature control, fast refrigeration, high precision and high stability cooling equipment. It offers options for temperature, pressure, flow rate, conductivity, etc. Standard stainless steel port, can be equipped with a variety of specifications of nozzles and hoses; Models with different cooling output can be used in various laboratories and industrial production fields to meet different cooling and constant temperature requirements.

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