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-120℃ Vacuum Cold Trap for Parylene coating
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Vacuum cold trap,with minimum temperature -120℃, capacity of 6kg, fast adsorption of water vapor, oil vapor, can shorten the pumpdown time about 60~90%, improve the vacuum system production capacity about 20%~100%

Vacuum cold trap, suitable for Parylene vacuum coating, biochemical petroleum distillation extraction experiment, low temperature liquid bath experiment, low temperature mold experiment, water vapor capture, freeze-drying and other applications. Non-standard products can be customized according to user needs. With single compressor, auto-cascade refrigeration system, well-known refrigeration compressor and accessories, CFC-free refrigerant blend, instead of liquid nitrogen, cost saving. It has the characteristics of fast cooling speed, high efficiency, low temperature and easy maintenance.

Cold Trap.jpg

It is used to collect parylene vapor and harmful gas discharged from vacuum drying oven or vacuum condensing device, improve the efficiency of vacuum system, reduce the vapor intake of vacuum pump, and prolong the service life of vacuum pump.

For more than 20 years, VaporCold vacuum cold trap with parylene coating equipment has been engaged in military, avionics, industrial applications, high risk electronics and medical equipment contract services.

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VaporCold vacuum cold trap is a complete set of models with a wide range of temperatures and internal volumes.












CT6-100-1006Ф200 * 220440×520×880
CT6-120-1206Ф200 * 220440×520×880
CT6-135-1356Ф200 * 220500×550×1180
CT9-100-1009Ф220 * 250440×520×880
CT9-120-1209Ф220 * 250440×520×880
CT9-135-1359Ф220 * 250500×550×1180

In addition to standard model, VaporCold have many customized products that are similar with standard models and better compatibility with user requirements.

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