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Mini Chiller

Temperature range :5~35℃

Cooling capacity:150~300W

Circulating flowrate:10L/min

Temperature stability:±0.1℃

Strength guarantee: 20 years of manufacturing experience, 

24-hour after-sales service

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Product Introduction

LX series small chillers are designed to protect valuable equipment from overheating in selective or compact applications. Small chillers of appropriate size can reduce the temperature to near ambient temperature, thus increasing the service life of the equipment.

The working principle of small-sized water cooler is to cool and control the temperature of circulating medium in the compressor by means of refrigeration, and send it to the user equipment by circulating pump, thus taking away the heat generated by the user equipment. The machine has three functions of cooling, constant temperature and circulation, and is equipped with safety alarm device.

LX-150 and LX-300 are small LX series chillers with compact structure, beautiful appearance and small occupancy space. Suitable for use with small laboratory bench area or in a ventilation cabinet.

The LX-150 covers an area larger than a regular magazine and the size of the LX-300 is almost the same as that of a PC host.

Technical Parameters

 Model   Temperature range
Temperature stability
Cooling capacity
Filling volume
Circulating pressure
Circulating flowrate
Size of connection
Net weight
LX-150 5~35 ±0.1 150 1 0.3/0.45 10 1/4〞 16 230×280×380
LX-300 5~35 ±0.1 300 4 0~0.8 15 1/2〞 30 230×475×475
LX-300A 5~35 ±0.1 300 4 0~1.2 0~15 1/2〞 30 230×475×475

Product Advantage

Multi parameter measurement and control

Multi parameter measurement and control

Provide temperature, pressure, flow, conductivity and other options; Provide touch color screen version to store historical data.

A variety of interfaces, a variety of joints

A variety of interfaces, a variety of joints

Standard thread connection, can be converted to domestic and foreign British or metric joints.

19-inch cabinet (Rack type)

19-inch cabinet (Rack type)

Independent design, independent production, completely independent intellectual property rights.

Stainless steel water separator, multi-way cooling

Stainless steel water separator, multi-way cooling

Multi-purpose one machine can cool multiple user equipment.

Product Features

* Fully closed refrigeration system, stable work, reliable performance  

* Digital display and control, high temperature control precision, uniform temperature  

* Microprocessor PID intelligent algorithm, with learning function, better suitable for user needs  

* Adopt ultra quiet circulating water pump, the whole machine work quietly, low noise  

* High performance refrigeration system and pump circulation system, suitable for long continuous work  

* Closed water tank and pipeline structure to avoid coolant pollution and oxidation   

* Standard stainless steel inlet and outlet water interface, can be equipped with a variety of connectors or hoses, external closed circuit circulation  

* Real-time display of working status and alarm status  

* Optional flow display, flow alarm, improve supporting security performance  

* Optional RS485 communication, easy to connect to the host computer  

Application field

* Precise temperature control, supporting calorimeter, refractometer, density detector  

* It is very convenient to use with viscosity measurement  

* Provides a constant temperature source for quality control, such as food, beverage and electronic research  

* Biotechnology areas such as thermostatic cooling of electrophoresis tanks  

* Precise constant temperature of small laser  

* Medical rehabilitation  

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