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Coolium showed up at The China International Scientific Instrument Exhibition (CISILE 2020)

December 8~10, 2020, the 18th China International Scientific Instruments and Laboratory Equipment Exhibition (CISILE 2020) in Beijing National Convention Center grand opening, this is the annual scientific instruments industry grand event,

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Coolium showed up at the Shanghai Analytical Biochemistry Exhibition in Munich(analytica China)

On November 16, 2020, Analytica China opened in Shanghai, a biennial event for the analysis and testing industry. Coolium Instruments was invited to participate in analytica China, a biennial event for the analysis and testing industry, with a wide range of cryogenic cold traps, precision chillers and snowflake ice makers.  Fully display the new technology and new products of Changliu instrument. 

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Coolium carries the ultra-low temperature equipment to appear in the 16th International Vacuum Exhibition

On May 26, 2021, Coolium Instruments opened the 16th International Vacuum Exhibition at the National Convention Center in Beijing. Coolium Instruments was invited to the exhibition with a variety of ultra-cryogenic devices and attended the highly anticipated opening ceremony.

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Vaporcold ultra low temperature equipment showed up at China Optical Expo

CIOE China Optical Expo is the world's most influential comprehensive optoelectronic industry exhibition, held once a year, more than 2000 high-quality optoelectronic enterprises around the world, with advanced technology and products, is expected to attract more than 70,000 professional visitors.

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