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High Temp Chiller

Temperature range:5~70℃

Cooling capacity:250~2000W

Circulating flowrate:15~28L/min

Temperature stability:±0.1

Strength guarantee: 20 years of manufacturing experience, 

24-hour after-sales service

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Product Introduction

LX series high temperature chiller adopts non start stop refrigeration technology. Its design and manufacture can provide professional technical indicators and reliability in the industry. It is a high-precision and stable cooling equipment.

LX series high temperature water chiller is a fully enclosed refrigeration system, combined with PID control, with fast refrigeration and stable temperature. For some equipment requiring precise constant temperature cooling.

LX series high temperature water chillers are widely used in various laboratories and production fields to meet different cooling and constant temperature requirements. They can be equipped with calorimeter, refractometer, density detector, electrophoresis tank, laser, transmission scanning electron microscope, vacuum coating machine, etc.

Technical Parameters

    Model    Temperature range
Temperature stability
Cooling capacity
Filling volume
Circulating pressure
Circulating flowrate
LX-300-250-D5H70 5~70 ±0.1 250 4 0.7 15 230×475×475
LX-1000-500-D5H55 5~55 ±0.1 500 8 4.5 25 345×620×600
LX-1000-500-D5H65 5~65 ±0.1 500 8 4.7 28 345×620×600
LX-5000-2000-D10H85 -10~85 ±0.1 2000 40 2 15 425×750×700

Product Advantage

Multi-parameter measurement and control

Multi-parameter measurement and control

Offers temperature, pressure, flow rate, conductivity and other options.

A variety of interfaces, a variety of joints

A variety of interfaces, a variety of joints

Standard thread connection, can be converted to domestic and foreign British or metric joints.

19-inch cabinet (Rack type)

19-inch cabinet (Rack type)

Independent design, independent production, completely independent intellectual property rights.

Stainless steel water separator, multipath cooling

Stainless steel water separator, multipath cooling

Multi-purpose one machine can cool multiple user equipment.

Product Features

* Temperature, pressure, water level can be displayed;  

* Professionally designed dynamic temperature control system, high temperature control accuracy, small temperature fluctuation;  

* Simple and convenient man-machine interface, automatic memory of control parameters;  

* All kinds of refrigeration power and circulating pump pressure can meet the cooling and constant temperature of all kinds of instruments;  

* The key components of the refrigeration system are imported international brand components, which work stably and reliably;  

* A variety of circulating pump can be selected, optional ultra quiet, high pressure or large flow;  

* Adjustable circulation pressure, stainless steel pressure indicator;  

* Standard stainless steel tank, can be equipped with a variety of specifications of connectors and hoses, external closed circuit circulation.

* Optional to install RS485 communication, easy to connect to the host computer;  

* Optional power failure recovery function, optional flow alarm;  


* Precise temperature control, the application of supporting calorimeter, refractometer, density detector;  

* Use with viscosity measurement, very convenient;  

* Provide a constant temperature source for quality control, for food, beverage and electronic research applications;  

* In the field of biotechnology, it is applied to the constant temperature cooling of electrophoresis tank;  

* Precision constant temperature for small lasers;  

* Applied to medical rehabilitation.

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