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Cryo Chiller

Minimum temperature:-135~-85℃

Cold head size:Ф38×300mm

Hose length:1400mm

Special control circuit, optional RS485

Strength guarantee: 20 years of manufacturing experience, 

24-hour after-sales service

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Product Introduction

CC series ultra-low temperature cooler provides compact, portable and easy-to-use small ultra-low temperature device. The single-stage compressor is used for self cascade refrigeration, and the fluorine-free refrigerant is mixed efficiently, which is safe, reliable and stable. The cold head is connected with the host through a hose, which is light and flexible. It can replace liquid nitrogen in some applications and can also be used in small vacuum systems.

The temperature range is -85 ℃ ~-145 ℃, which can replace the Dewar bottle with inconvenient movement and the liquid nitrogen with poor supply.

A variety of cold heads can be selected, or customized as required. The installation is fast and convenient. The cold head can be inserted into the target box.

The cold head or baffle (low-temperature cold trap) is an integral part of the ultra-low temperature refrigerator, with high efficiency and no leakage.

Technical Parameters

 Model   Minimum temperature
Cooling capacity
Cold head size
Hose length
Cooling mode Interface
Power Supply
(V Hz kW)
Net weight
CC-80 -85 -- ф25×300 1400 Air-cooled Flange 220/50/1.0 57 300×550×580
CC-100 -100 100 ф60×380 1400 Air-cooled Flange 220/50/1.2 72 440×520×880
CC-120 -120 150 Ф60×380 1400 Air-cooled Flange 220/50/1.2 78 440×520×880
CC-135 -135 300 ф40×300 1400 Air-cooled Custom-made 220/50/2.4 92 500×550×1180

Product Advantage

Refrigeration system

Refrigeration system

Optimum design of refrigeration system, efficient and reliable, synchronized with international technology, four-level overlapping technology, refrigeration and defrosting integration.

Control system

Control system

Perfect control system designed for low temperature. Functions include: self-test, monitoring, remote control, this control, communication, alarm.

Accessory project

Accessory project

Various mature ultra-low temperature schemes, complete with various scientific instruments, are used for sample preparation, liquid nitrogen substitution and low temperature capture of small-scale coating devices.

Ultra low temperature customization

Ultra low temperature customization

Integrated or split structure, direct or indirect refrigeration. Optional temperature control function, hot gas defrosting, anti-corrosion materials or special coatings.

Product Features

* Temperature -90  to -145 ℃

* Free standing, compact size

* Rated for continuous cooling

* Shipped ready to operate.

* Uses a single compressor for reliable performance.

* Are quickly and easily installed


* Helium mass spectrometer leak detectors· 

* Cold trap for mechanical pumps 

* Cold baffles for small vacuum chamber 

* Replace liquid nitrogen in cold traps 

* Provide high-speed pumping of water vapor  

* Cools compressed dry gas stream

* Vacuum System Cold Trap Cooling

* Parylene Coating Traps

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