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Heated Circulating Bath

Temperature range:RT+5~99

Heat capacity:800~1000W

Circulating flowrate:5~10L/min

Temperature stability:±0.02

Strength guarantee: 20 years of manufacturing experience, 

24-hour after-sales service

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Product Introduction

HX heating type constant temperature circulating bath, no refrigeration, for target temperature higher than room temperature working conditions.  

Stainless steel sink for rounded corner design, one molding, no welding point and joint, beautiful and practical.  The water flow in the tank is fully stirred, the temperature is uniform, and the temperature measurement and control are perfect.  

The display resolution is 0.01℃ and the temperature control precision is ±0.02℃.   

Optional tap water cooling coil, or matching input refrigeration, flexible configuration, simple and practical, to meet a variety of applications.  

Can be directly in the tank at the same time for multiple samples of constant temperature, or through the built-in circulation pump for external circulation temperature control, widely used in medicine, biochemistry, measurement, light industry, scientific research and other fields.  

Can be matched with viscometer, with viscosity measurement reserved operation port. 

Technical Parameters

 Model   Temperature range
Temperature stability
Heat capacity
Filling volume
Circulating flowrate
Circulating pressure
Bath depth
Opening size
Dimension W×D×H
HX-012 RT+5~99 ±0.02 800 12 5~10 0.25 150 150×300 365×340×340
HX-025 RT+5~99 ±0.02 1000 25 5~10 0.25 200 300×300 560×350×400

Product Advantage

Multi parameter measurement and control

Multi parameter measurement and control

Provide temperature, pressure, flow, conductivity and other options; Provide touch color screen version to store historical data.

Stainless steel sink

Stainless steel sink

304 stainless steel water tank is designed with rounded corners, one-time forming, no welding points and joints, beautiful and practical.

365 days without shutdown

365 days without shutdown

The continuous working design can work continuously for 365 days and 24 hours, and the noise of the whole machine is low.

A variety of interfaces, a variety of joints

A variety of interfaces, a variety of joints

Standard thread connection, can be converted to domestic and foreign British or metric joints.

Product Features

* Vertical or horizontal design, can adapt to a variety of use environment;  

* Wide operating port, convenient for low temperature experiment in the tank;  

* With external circulation interface, can be equipped with a variety of joints;  

* Precise temperature control, display resolution can choose 0.1℃ or 0.01℃;  

* Various temperature ranges, -10, -20, -40, -60, -80℃;  

* Multiple safety design, with overtemperature, water level, sensor open or short circuit alarm;  

* Optional automatic water refill function to ensure uninterrupted use;  

* Optional RS485 communication, easy to connect;  


* Precise temperature control, the application of supporting electrophoresis apparatus, viscometer, molecular pump, microwave therapeutic machine, small rotary evaporator, etc.  

* Use with viscosity measurement, very convenient;  

* Provide a constant temperature source for quality control, used in food, research aid and electronic research;  

* In the field of biotechnology, it is applied to the constant temperature cooling of electrophoresis tank;  

* Precision constant temperature for small rotary evaporators;  

* Applied to medical and psychological rehabilitation.

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