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Cooling Heating Circulator

Temperature range:-30~180℃

Cooling capacity:0.3~3.0kW

Circulating flowrate:12~30L/min

Temperature stability:±0.5

Strength guarantee: 20 years of manufacturing experience, 

24-hour after-sales service

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Product Introduction

CH series low temperature and high temperature circulation system is a liquid circulation equipment that uses mechanical refrigeration to cool down and electric heating to heat up. It is generally divided into three parts:  Refrigeration system, heating system, control system, a single model can provide low and high temperature circulating liquid, widely used in pharmaceutical, chemical, biological, vacuum and other industries, for the reactor, test tank to provide cold source and heat source, can also be used for other equipment cooling and heating.  

The whole liquid circulation is closed with an expansion container. No matter whether the liquid circulation temperature is high or low, the thermal conductivity medium in the expansion container is close to room temperature. At low temperature, there is no absorption of water vapor, and at high temperature, there is no oil mist.  

Technical Parameters

   Model     Temperature range
Temperature stability
Circulating flowrate
Circulating pressure
Filling volume
Cooling capacity
Heat capacity
Power requirement
(V Hz kW)
W×D×H (mm)
CH-3012S -30~180 ±0.5 12 0.6 8 0.3~1.2 1.5 220/50/3.7 365×340×340
CH-3020S -30~180 ±0.5 15 0.6 10 0.3~1.7 2.5 220/50/3.8 440×520×860
CH-4020S -40~180 ±0.5 15 0.6 10 0.3~1.7 2.5 220/50/4.2 440×520×860
CH-3030T -30~180 ±0.5 20 1.2 13 0.3~2.2 3.5 220/50/3.8 440×520×860
CH-4030T -40~180 ±0.5 20 1.2 13 0.3~2.2 3.5 220/50/4.3 440×520×860
CH-4055T -40~180 ±0.5 30 1 16 0.3~3.0 5.5 220/50/4.5 440×520×920
CH-8055T -80~180 ±0.5 30 1 16 0.3~3.0 5.5 220/50/4.6 400×550×1120

Product Advantage

Multi parameter measurement and control

Multi parameter measurement and control

Provide temperature, pressure, flow, conductivity and other options; Provide touch color screen version to store historical data.

A variety of interfaces, a variety of joints

A variety of interfaces, a variety of joints

Standard thread connection, can be converted to domestic and foreign British or metric joints.

19 inch cabinet (rack type)

19 inch cabinet (rack type)

Independent design, independent production and completely independent intellectual property rights; Accept non-standard customization and provide more solutions.

Stainless steel water separator, multipath cooling

Stainless steel water separator, multipath cooling

One machine with multiple functions can cool multiple user equipment; Reserved function expansion interface to meet the individual needs of different users.

Product Features

* Rapid cooling and heating, can continuously raise temperature.  

* Wide temperature control range, the whole process does not need to replace the thermal conductivity medium, thermal conductivity medium consumption is less.  

* Closed circulation of thermal conductivity medium, ensuring the safety and life of thermal conductivity medium.  

* High temperature precooling and refrigeration, can be directly cooled from high temperature.

* Refrigeration heat exchanger adopts brazed plate heat exchanger, small space, high heat exchange efficiency.  

* High temperature, emergency stop, leakage, over current, overheating and other multiple protection, fully ensure the use of safety.  

* High head design, to meet the long-distance transmission of thermal medium.  

* Liquid level direct display function, monitoring liquid level at any time, to avoid liquid shortage operation.  

* Optional alarm interface optional RS485 communication, easy to connect.  

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