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Coolium showed up at the Shanghai Analytical Biochemistry Exhibition in Munich(analytica China)
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On November 16, 2020, Analytica China opened in Shanghai, a biennial event for the analysis and testing industry. Coolium Instruments was invited to participate in analytica China, a biennial event for the analysis and testing industry, with a wide range of cryogenic cold traps, precision chillers and snowflake ice makers.  Fully display the new technology and new products of Changliu instrument. 

 analytica China.jpg

Analytica China is an international exposition of analytical, biochemical and laboratory technologies, especially for the rapidly developing Chinese market.  With the international brand of the Munich exhibition, Analytica China has attracted manufacturers from major industrial countries in the fields of analysis, diagnostics, laboratory technology and biochemical technology.  

Coolium Instruments reassembled with a variety of cryogenic devices, displaying VaporCold series of core products such as cryogenic cold traps, ultra-cryogenic chillers, precision chillers, and cryogenic application solutions, attracting many professionals, customers and visitors to the booth to visit and communicate. 

Cryo Chiller.jpg

Coolium Instruments' -135 ° C ultra-low temperature cold trap and 0.01 ° C precision chiller attracted a lot of attention at the booth, demonstrating Coolium Instruments' self-developed comprehensive strength and witnessing the booming development of domestic Instruments with customers.  

Based on 20 years of research and innovation, Coolium Instruments provides customers both at home and abroad with advanced technology in the field of ultra-low temperature, precision cooling for analytical Instruments and ultra-liquid nitrogen alternatives for vacuum products.  At this exhibition, a number of analytical instrument manufacturers expressed strong cooperation intentions. 

Cryo Chiller.jpg

In the future, Coolium Instruments will continue to contribute to the domestic analytical instrument industry by bringing more advanced cryogenic technology solutions based on its mature products and experience in the field.  

On November 18, 2020, the 3-day Munich Shanghai Analytical Biochemistry Exhibition will come to a successful conclusion. However, our service will not end. We look forward to seeing you next time! 

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