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Coolium carries the ultra-low temperature equipment to appear in the 16th International Vacuum Exhibition
Release time:2021-08-25Clicks:751

On May 26, 2021, Coolium Instruments opened the 16th International Vacuum Exhibition at the National Convention Center in Beijing. Coolium Instruments was invited to the exhibition with a variety of ultra-cryogenic devices and attended the highly anticipated opening ceremony. 

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International Vacuum Exhibition, held every two years, is a perfect platform to understand the technological development and market dynamics of vacuum industry.  In order to promote the application of ultra-low temperature technology in the vacuum industry, Coolium Instruments reassembled with a variety of cryogenic equipment, exhibiting VaporCold series of core products such as low temperature water vapor trap pump, low temperature cold trap, ultra-low temperature trap, precision chiller, as well as the overall solution of vacuum application.  It was unanimously affirmed by the expert leadership of China Vacuum Society, and attracted many vacuum professionals, customers and visitors to visit the booth for communication. 


At this exhibition, Coolium Instruments will play a leading role in the industry and share the latest cryogenic technology innovation and product application information, as well as the exploration and direction of the vacuum industry to connect with the national 14th Five-year Development Plan.  

Through this exhibition, Coolium Instruments met old friends, made new friends, shared technology and knowledge, market and application, and witnessed the rapid development of the vacuum industry.  

In the future, Coolium Instruments will seize the strategic development opportunities, continue to deepen the research and development of ultra-low temperature technology, strengthen core technologies and scientific and technological achievements, lead the development of cryogenic cold trap and cryogenic capture technology, and promote the application of domestic cryogenic products in the high-end equipment manufacturing field of vacuum industry.  To strengthen the national strategic scientific and technological forces, to achieve scientific and technological self-reliance to make new contributions! 

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