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Vaporcold ultra low temperature equipment showed up at China Optical Expo
Release time:2021-08-25Clicks:651

CIOE China Optical Expo, the most influential comprehensive exhibition of the photoelectric industry in the world, is held annually.  More than 2000 high-quality photoelectric enterprises, advanced technology and products of the carrier industry will participate in the conference, which is expected to attract more than 70,000 professional audiences. 

Coolium Instruments is a high-quality supplier of ultra-low temperature equipment.  In order to promote the application of ultra-low temperature technology in the vacuum industry, it brought several ultra-low temperature equipment to the stage.  VaporCold series of low temperature water vapor trap pumps, cold traps, ultra-low temperature traps, precision water coolers and other core products, as well as the overall solution of vacuum application, were displayed.


Coolium instruments, which specializes in the research, development and production of ultra-low temperature equipment, has a number of experts specializing in the development of automatic cascade refrigeration technology.  Vaporcold series is a cryogenic equipment specially used in vacuum industry.


Coolium instruments attached great importance to this exhibition and exhibited many of the company's core products: low temperature water vapor capture pumps. Leaders, sales and technical personnel from coolium instruments discussed the application of ultra-low temperature technology in the vacuum field with the audience at the scene, which attracted many vacuum professionals, customers and audience to visit and exchange at the booth.

The exhibition focused on new products and applications of optoelectronic technology, provided an exchange platform for Industry masters, jointly discussed future development trends, expanded the integration of industry technology from multiple dimensions, and deepened the cooperation between coolium instruments ultra-low temperature technology and domestic and foreign units.

In the future, coolium instruments will continue to deepen the research and development of ultra-low temperature technology, increase the research and development of core technologies and the transformation of scientific and technological achievements, lead the continuous development of low-temperature cold trap and low-temperature capture technology, promote the application of domestic low-temperature products in the field of high-end equipment manufacturing in the vacuum industry, and make new contributions to strengthening the national strategic scientific and technological force and realizing the self-reliance and self-improvement of science and technology!

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