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Coolium showed up at The China International Scientific Instrument Exhibition (CISILE 2020)
Release time:2021-08-25Clicks:907

From December 8 to 10, the 18th China International Scientific Instruments and Laboratory Equipment Exhibition (CISILE 2020) will be held at the National Convention Center in Beijing. This is an annual scientific instrument industry event, featuring Coolium Instruments, precision chillers, snowsnow ice makers, and Coolium Instruments.  Be invited to the exhibition and dress up. 

CISILE 2020.jpg

Coolium Instruments, the site exhibited precision chiller series, low temperature cold trap, ultra-low temperature refrigeration and other core products, as well as low temperature application solutions, Coolium Instruments independent intellectual property rights of high precision, ultra-low temperature, large cooling capacity technology,  Attracted many professionals, customers and visitors to the booth to visit and exchange. 

 Coolium Instruments.jpg

Coolium Instruments' new technology and new products are on display at the expo.  The 0.01℃ precision chiller and -135℃ ultra-low temperature cold trap exhibited on site have attracted wide attention. 

Precision Chiller.jpg

Based on 20 years of research and innovation, Coolium Instruments provides our customers both at home and abroad with continuous technological advances, precision cooling for analytical Instruments, low temperature cold trapping solutions for sample preprocessing, and particle ice machines for numerous laboratories.  A number of industry manufacturers expressed a strong intention to cooperate. 

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In the future, Changliu instrument will continue to push forward technological breakthroughs by relying on its mature products and experience in the professional field, bring more and more advanced low temperature and constant temperature technology solutions to the industry, and make its own contribution to the scientific instrument industry. 

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