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Beijing Changliu scientific instrument LX-300 doesn't circulate
Release time:2022-06-13Clicks:528

When you come across the problem that lx-300 of Beijing Changliu Scientific Instruments Co., Ltd. is broken, the following problems occur:

1. It may be that there is air inside the water pump chamber due to too fast water adding, which leads to the "idle" of the water pump. Because the water pump does not have self-priming function, it is necessary to manually discharge the air inside the water pump chamber.

Solution: disassemble the other end of the hose connected to the water outlet (supply) of the chiller (water inlet of the cooled equipment), place the removed water pipe interface at the water inlet of the chiller (do not fall below the liquid level), press the power key (pump key) of the water pump until there is normal water flowing out, then stop the water pump, and restore the removed hose to the cooled equipment.

2. It may be that the pump has been shut down for a long time, and there is scale or algae microorganism inside the pump head, resulting in adhesion of the impeller inside the pump chamber.

Solution: you can use a slotted screwdriver to rotate the pump shaft continuously for several circles; The water pump shaft is located at the upper part of the rear plate of the machine. Looking from the upper vent hole of the rear plate of the machine to the inside of the machine, it can be seen that there is a slot at the central shaft of the water pump motor. Turn the water pump key (pump key) after several consecutive turns with a slotted screwdriver. Turn the pump shaft for several consecutive turns with a slotted screwdriver to help the water pump motor start.

3. The starting capacitor of the water pump may be broken, or the water pump motor may be burnt out or aged.

Solution: prepare a 2.5uf capacitor for replacement before starting the pump. If the pump motor still fails to work normally, it is the problem of the pump motor. At this time, please contact the after-sales service department of Beijing Changliu instrument company at 010-56370150.

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