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Precision Chiller LX-3000

Temperature range:5~35℃

Cooling capacity:3000W@20℃

Circulating flowrate:0~45L/min

Temperature stability:±0.1

Strength guarantee: 20 years of manufacturing experience, 

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Technical Parameters

* Temperature range:5~35℃

* Temperature stability:±0.1℃

* Cooling capacity:3000W@20℃

* Filling volume:40L

* Circulating pressure:0~3.7 bar

* Circulating flowrate:0~45L/min

* Powerequirement:220V/50HZ/16A

* Size of connection:Rc1/2〞

* Overall dimension:W425×D750×H700mm

* Net weight:90kg

Product Advantage

Offers temperature, pressure, flow rate, conductivity and other options.

Offers temperature, pressure, flow rate, conductivity and other options.

Provide temperature, pressure, flow, conductivity and other options; A touch color screen version i

A variety of interfaces, a variety of joints

A variety of interfaces, a variety of joints

Standard thread connection, can be converted to domestic and foreign British or metric joints.

19-inch cabinet (Rack type)

19-inch cabinet (Rack type)

Independent design, independent production, completely independent intellectual property rights.

Stainless steel water separator, multipath cooling

Stainless steel water separator, multipath cooling

Multi-purpose one machine can cool multiple user equipment.

Product Features

* Temperature, pressure, water level can be displayed, optional flow display  

* Professionally designed dynamic temperature control system, high temperature control precision, small temperature fluctuation   

* Simple and convenient man-machine interface, automatic memory of control parameters  

* All kinds of refrigeration power and circulating pump pressure can meet the cooling and constant temperature of all kinds of instruments  

* The key components of the refrigeration system are imported international brand components, which work stably and reliably  

* A variety of circulating pumps, ultra quiet, high pressure or large flow  

* Adjustable circulation pressure, stainless steel pressure indicator  

* Standard stainless steel tank, can be equipped with a variety of specifications of connectors and hoses, external closed circuit circulation.

* Optional 0.01℃ temperature measurement and control, optional power failure recovery function, optional flow alarm  

* Optional RS485 communication, easy to connect to the host computer  


* Precise temperature control, the application of supporting calorimeter, refractometer, density detector;  

* Use with viscosity measurement, very convenient;  

* Provide a constant temperature source for quality control, for food, beverage and electronic research applications;  

* In the field of biotechnology, it is applied to the constant temperature cooling of electrophoresis tank;  

* Precision constant temperature for small lasers;  

* Applied to medical rehabilitation  

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