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Vacuum pump pre-cold trap device (-30℃~-110℃)
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In vacuum drying and vacuum distillation process, a large amount of steam will be generated, and some solvents or steam need to be recovered, so it is necessary to install low temperature cold trap in vacuum pipeline.  In addition, the low temperature cold trap has great suction effect, which will reduce drying and distillation time.

The cold trap is placed between the vacuum container and the vacuum pump. The low temperature achieved by the compressor of the VaporCold cold trap (the lowest cold trap can reach -135℃) makes the gas molecules adsorbed on the inner wall of the cold trap, improves the vacuum degree and protects the vacuum pump, quickly absorbs water vapor and oil and gas, and shortens the pumping time by 60-90%.  It can improve the capability of vacuum system by 20%~99%.

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Vacuum pump front cold trap, the lowest temperature of cold trap can reach -30℃, -50℃, -80℃, -110℃, can choose a variety of vacuum interface, can be equipped with a variety of specifications of condensation bottles.  The effect of condensation trapping depends on the internal structure of the cold trap and the lowest temperature that the cold trap can reach.  In general, the lower the temperature, the better.

The material of the part in the cold trap in contact with the gas should adapt to the different characteristics of water, acid and organic solvents.  Teflon coated cold traps or glass containers are recommended for condensing corrosive gases or recovering condensing liquids.

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Product features:

1. The cold trap groove is made of stainless steel and adopts direct cooling mode.  The cold trap is easy to clean and discharge.

2, digital display of cold trap groove temperature, cold trap device startup, operation state at a glance.

3. Optional cold trap cover for condensing water vapor, or special cold trap cover assembly for organic solvent gas.

4. for acid, organic solvent class of steam, optional glass condensation bottle, suitable for improving the recovery of low boiling point solvent.  

5optional defrost function, so that deicing, drainage become simple.  Optional temperature control and constant temperature function to meet special requirements.

6low temperature, fast refrigeration, can be used as pre-freezing tank, low temperature tank.

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